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Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 03:01:12 MDT

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001 wrote:

> Exercise is not equivalent to CR in mice. With mildly restricted (30%
> reduction from ad lib) mice it's almost as good. Further CR, however,

Good news.

> produces further lifespan benefits, while further exercise does no
> good at all. It's not clear how the breakpoint translates into

I don't know too many people who do full-blown hardcore CR, it is very
difficult for most people to combine that with being fully productive in a
Western working environment (including overtime etc.).

> humans; we have no idea what a 30% calorie reduced mouse corresponds
> to. Exercise has not been shown to have significant health benefits
> in people who can do passable aerobic exercise and who aren't
> overweight.

Hmm, though we probably do better than the Western average, >80% of us
probably *are* slightly overweight (with 88 kg at 178 cm I'm ~10 kg away
from my optimal (whatever that is) weight). So, a somewhat reduced caloric
intake can be supplemented with mild exercise with beneficial results.

Given that we're not designed for a fully sedentary lifestyle, any extra
movement you can get puts you years ahead of the average mouse pusher.

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