RE: 41'st update on fly longevity experiments

From: Reason (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 23:16:35 MDT

> This is the 41'st update of my fly longevity experiments. Except

Is this up on the web anywhere in totality? Anyone raising flies has my

> apple cider vinegar .5 gm 100 94 76 82 59 59 53 41 29 12 6 6 6 0

Well, damn. It would seem that the preponderance of old folk in the
Devonshire pubs is actually due to cider. :)

> My personal testing of the satiating ability of various foods has
> continued. This time I tried a low carb approach, by eating nothing but
> white chicken breast meat for a day. Ad libitum intake was 1478 calories,
> which is no different from other low palatability foods. Switching to
> unsalted roasted peanuts increased intake significantly to 2689
> calories. However there was evidence of malabsorption with this food, and
> true calorie intake would have been lower than this figure. Unfortunately
> I made the mistake of trying malvia verticellata tea on the day I tried
> peanuts. This tea has a reputation for causing malabsorption. I couldn't
> help but think about how common severe peanut allergies have become in the
> last several decades. The peanuts I ate would have killed an entire school
> bus load of peanut sensitive children. When I was a child, nobody that I
> was aware of had any peanut allergies. Such is no longer the case.

I'm one of the allergic folks. It's pretty unpleasant. Interestingly enough,
I get the same reaction from uncooked sunflower kernels -- but not from the
roasted version.

Not eating nuts and being pseudo-vegetarian makes a paleolithic diet kinda
hard for me, especially when you start throwing CR into the mix. Still, it's
an adventure.

> Up till now, with the exception of Astro's no-fat fruit yogurt, no
> foods with a strong taste had been tested. I decided to try a highly
> palatable calorically dense food, to see if intake would be
> modified. Entering stage right is Christie's Chips Ahoy chocolate chip
> cookies. I included 568 calories of chili, so as avoid a protein deficit,
> but ate an unbelievable additional 3487 calories from the cookies, for a
> total daily intake of 4055 calories with cookies and chili! It appears
> that high palatability and high caloric density have a potent synergistic
> effect on calorie intake. I am incredulous at the large difference in
> calorie intake between cookies, and yogurt.

That, I can sympathise with. My anecdotal evidence is that mixing anything
that involves starch and processed sugar into the mix just makes you want
eat more. And makes you more prone to depression, mood swings, etc.

I'd be happy to share my CR/dietary experiences with the list if there's
interest in that sort of thing here. I consider my efforts pretty successful
to day (BMI down to 22.2 from 26.5 over the last 4 months, and aiming at
19.5 or so).


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