RE: Enlarging the "United States of America"

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 22:53:57 MDT

Oli (soth) writes

> About the US expanding [to] places such as the UK and Canada,
> Australia and New Zealand joining as member states.

So what if an offer was made? Presumably, it would never be
made unless a very large number of people in the target country

> Most Americans (and I apologise in advance to the enlightened
> members of this list) seem to have a fixation on their country.

Please say what people in what other large countries do not
seem to have "a fixation" on their country. China? Ha!
India? (I don't know.) Russia? Japan? Don't be ridiculous.
Patriotism and cultural pride are the norm, especially in
large countries, and it's not as pronounced in the U.S. as
in many other countries that could be mentioned.

> Most of Europe considers America with a sort of amused fear. The gung ho
> policies of the US government and selective democracy (NSA anyone), coupled
> with the fierce national pride that America tends to exhibit gives the
> impression of a six year old child with a bazooka, unpredictable and dangerous.
> America is certainly the most powerful nation in the world and many countries
> are, or seek to be allied to the states by none would join.

Okay, so let's imagine (in order of population) just how we'd fare
if your nations of Europe were the world's sole super-power. Russia?
You'd prefer Russia? Germany? you'd prefer Germany? Great Britain?
Well, they had a go at it the previous century. You liked that better?
France? Can you imagine what life would be like if France was the
world's only superpower?! Le Grand Nation would soon make you yearn
for the good old U.S.

You may have in the back of your mind what Poul Anderson used to;
he liked to write stories about the Scandinavians somehow ruling
Earth. I have to admit that if somehow Sweden, or Australia, or
Denmark took over the world---AND CONTINUED TO ACT THE WAY THAT
THEY DO NOW---then that'd be just fine. But I wonder if they
would. You know the old saying about power.

> While America continues it "we rule the world" attitude...

But I am sure that you are intelligent enough (even if not perhaps
thoughtful enough) to realize that the common people of most
nations would take pride in their ascendency. Why, they even
take pride in their soccer teams, for heaven's sake.

Could it possibly be a resentment born of envy that's eating
you? If so, then you are unlike the vast majority of non-U.S.
readers of this forum, who despite often being understandably
annoyed when decisions by a foreign power (the U.S.) have so
much influence, realize that though the U.S. is far from
perfect, things could be much, much worse, if lots of
other countries were in its position.

Lee Corbin

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