Re: life extension advocacy plans (fear of Tithonus) --> survey

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 20:10:14 MDT

Russell Blackford wrote:

> Jeez, I must be the old man (person) of the list. At 46 I'm *very* worried
> about being in the last generation of mortals, not the first generation of
> immortals...

Im sure that thought has haunted most of us here, Russell. The one
that bothers me even more is what if I am right and we develop
really good life extension techniques by about 2050. Many of those
on this list now will make it there on our own steam, but what if
those 2050 techniques work a lot better for those who are young at
that time? What if the breakthru comes but they just cant do much
for 90 yr old geezers? They might be able to essentially stop aging
for those who are less than perhaps 30, but the oldies, like all of
us, including Ziana,, might just be outta luck. {8-[

Or maybe not. There are pretty good arguments that the Singularity
will be long before then, so lets see some of that dynamic optimism.


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