Re: Enlarging the "United States of America"

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 14:55:41 MDT

Mikael Johansson wrote:
> >
> > And he just tolk you gun grabbing socialists to go stuff yourselves. I
> > note todays headlines in my local leftie rag hyperventilate over the
> > Bush Administration rejecting the bald faced attempt by the UN to get us
> > to surrender our 2nd amendment....
> You protect a law arming all citizens; an amendment that has effectively
> driven the violence rates in the US skyhigh; and you call US 'gun grabbing
> socialists'?
> I'm very much against arming civilians. I sincerely believe that it will
> lead to more violence and criminality, not less. And I do not see how this
> automatically makes my otherwise rather liberal (European measurement, not
> US) opinions socialist.

Well, if you want to continue this discussion on the exi-freedom list,
you are welcome there. All I will say here is that I have repeatedly and
completely demolished ALL claims that an armed society is an unsafe one.
My data and references are in the archives, and they have YET to be

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