Re: Enlarging the "United States of America"

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Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 14:50:40 MDT

Well, let's see if it's not too late to rescue this thread from opposing

The idea of other countries becoming part of the US does not seem sensible
to me for a very simple reason: people, overall, are too attached to their
national identity and culture to do that (even if you're thinking of
culturally similar entities, such as other english-speaking countries).
Anyone that seriously thinks a majority of the English (or Scots, or
Australians) would be willing to drop their national identity to start
flying the stars & stripes has no understanding of these countries and
little understanding of the psicology of large groups.

However, there is a side to the idea of "enlarging the United States of
America" which deserves more consideration. Let's rename this thread
"consolidating and enlarging Western-style democracy" and consider the role
of the US/EU alliance in the new multi-polar world and we might have
something worth discussing...

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