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Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 12:10:44 MDT

>From: "Harvey Newstrom" <>

>This prompts me to ask the question: Is exercise an equivalent
>alternative to CR? Or is it better to avoid excess calories in
>the first place rather than burn them off later?

To your first question the answer is clearly no. I was reading a
study awhile back where the researchers claimed that people who are
thin have the mistaken notion that they are in excellent physical
shape and don't need to exercise. If I remember correctly they were
suffering early fatalities at a greater rate than those who are

To the second, I say yes, avoiding is easier than getting rid of
excess calories. I speak from experience on treadmill day.

>I use minimal exercise to keep my stomach flat and to keep my body
>lean. I avoid trying to develop arm and leg muscles because I am
>afraid that increasing my metabolism, burning extra calories,
>producing extra mass and oxidizing more food to produce more
>energy might speed up the aging process.

A little extra muscle is good, you don't have to go "Arnold" to be
healthy. I don't have the required proof handy though.

>I have researched nutrition, but do not know enough about the
>exercising metabolism to make an informed decision. I know that
>being overweight or out of shape is bad. But after one is in
>shape, is it lifespan increasing or decreasing to try to become

I don't know if there is a definitive study on this, since Max is
probably the list expert on fitness perhaps he can comment. Some
exercise is essential, and I would argue that if you're not
building muscle you're losing it, there is substantial evidence for

I vote with Leonardo Da Vinci (who could bend horseshoes with his
bare hands) and say moderation in all things.


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