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From: L B (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 08:22:41 MDT

--- Spike Jones <> wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > I personally expect anyone with a more normal
> > expectancy who is 30-35 today to make it to the
> point where practical
> > immortality is attained.
> I pretty much agree with Mike on this, which is why
> I
> am willing to go to extreme measures such as CR to
> scratch for just a feeeew moooore yeeeears

You all, I hope you are right. I have sooooo much to
do! The laundry I have stacked to the ceiling,
accumulated from reading the emails from this list
(smiles), will take the next hundre years to get done!

Seriously, I am enlightened. There are so many
publications that are excited about adding a possible
ten years, etc., that I am sometimes underwhelmed. I
don't mean to downplay these achievements--they are
heartier than average non-life extensionists would
think, I suppose--but after getting the gist of
uploading and the like (could we still play computer
games if we were uploaded?) I can see that most of the
ideas for immortality and great advances in biological
life extension are notfloating freely among the

Are these things kept from them or do they just not
pay attention? I have friends I would love to keep
around for a long time (with their blessings) but they
know nothing of what you all speak. There are highly
intelligent people I circulate with who have no idea
what uploading is, and I didn't know about it until I
got here.

Why is that? Why is this stuff not even remotely
mentioned in the news? I do ask out of ignorance, not


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