Re: life extension advocacy plans (fear of Tithonus) --> survey

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 14:57:01 MDT

L B wrote:
> >
> > I expect that the chances are high that I'm going to
> > die of old age or other
> > infirmity unless a *lot* of work is done by a lot of
> > people -- more so than
> > will happen without intervention and activism. And
> > I'm 28.
> If everyone doesn't mind me asking, how old are the
> rest of you? I was desribing the extropians, list and
> subject matter to a friend and he asked this question:
> How old is the oldest member? THen I wondered, how old
> is the youngest?
> Anyway, I became curious. So those of you who wish to
> answer, I would appreciate it. Private emails are
> fine.

Ages range from teenagers up to senior citizens (some are even dead). I
don't know who you were quoting, but unless they have a family history
of early aging or terminal illness, I wouldn't worry about it. While my
own family has an average life expectancy somewhere between 85-99 (going
by my grandparents current ages and the ages at which my
greatgrandmonsters died), I personally expect anyone with a more normal
expectancy who is 30-35 today to make it to the point where practical
immortality is attained. Because the primary amount of pre-60 mortality
actually occurs in childhood, if you are an adult today without any
significant family histories of terminal illnesses I think you can
expect to live to see reviving technology become practical. For this
young crowd, cryonic suspesion is simply an insurance policy, not an
unavoidable situation for one who wants to live forever. The older folks
need this absolutely in order to voyage to a future where they can be
cured and revived.

I'm 33 now, so I expect to make it at least to the year 2058 without any
significant intervention (assuming I don't upload before that time)
outside of possibly reconstructive back surgery (my 2nd lumbar was
fractured in college, and now its a pain in the back, literally, to stay
in shape). I wouldn't mind some titanium vertebra....

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