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From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 14:17:15 MDT

--- Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
> A study by a British manufacturing firm has
> concluded
> that 25% of computer users have, at one time or
> another,
> struck a part of their computer out of anger.

> Now, the question is: are we going to need AI abuse
> laws to help prevent good AI from going bad?

I believe (with absolutely no supporting data) that
this is a non existent problem.

To explain why I believe this, I'll have to be a bit
long winded (sorry).

First, why is domestic violence a problem? Violence
among family units takes place in non human species
all the time, yet it isn't seen as a problem.

I believe that the real problem lies not in the
violence itself, but in how it affects humans.

I think we can agree that the effects of domestic
violence can be devastating to an individual's ability
to survive and flourish... but that is looking at it
from an entirely human viewpoint.

I don't believe an AI would be entirely human. Pain
will not be experienced in the same way and ego, self
worth, self esteem etc. will not be subject to the
same reactions and defensive strategies.

Imagine a trans or post human in a synthetic body with
constant upload maintaining a back-up of their
identity... add in the ability to control pain and
control whatever endocrine system analogue
exists(conscious control of emotional state)... being
subject to domestic violence.

Since destruction of that particular housing for the
personality doesn't equal non-existence and the
negative emotions engendered by experience pain can be
controlled, domestic violence will not have a
devastating affect on such a person.

I don't believe that an AI will be less capable of
reacting sanely to violence than a trans or post
human... and isn't the real damage done by domestic
violence the les-than-sane reactions it causes in

Anyway... on my list of things to worry about, this
one doesn't even make it on the bottom.


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