RE: life extension advocacy plans (fear of Tithonus) --> worryingaboutthe brain

From: Reason (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 12:59:53 MDT

--> Eugene Leitl
> >
> > Actually, I was mentioning a time when I believed that the decay of
> > brain function was inevitable and far harder to reverse than to
> > replace the brain -- destroying the original became a negligable point
> > because the original was going down the drain anyway.
> Yep, if you're in a dewar, the route back to resurrection in the flesh is
> rather demanding, so uploading appears a dinstinctly easier procedure.
> > These days it's all looking a lot more promising from the point of
> > view of keeping the brain up to scratch with the rest of the repaired
> > body.
> Do you expect you're not going to die?

I expect that the chances are high that I'm going to die of old age or other
infirmity unless a *lot* of work is done by a lot of people -- more so than
will happen without intervention and activism. And I'm 28.

I don't subscribe to the deux ex machina school of the singularity occurring
soon enough to save us all from old age; I think -- like most things -- it's
going to be a long, hard, gradual path for us to beat the curve before
dying. The rest of my plans all lead on from these conclusions.


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