Federal Wind Farm tax credit needs support...

From: Mike Lorrey (mlorrey@datamann.com)
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 08:41:34 MDT

Just got this in from my local renewables guy. I suggest that folks
interested in renewables contact their congressmonsters to support this

Dear Mike,
I am writing to you today to ask for your support for a newly introduced
bill in the federal Congress, HR 2322, the "Home and Farm Wind Systems
of 2001". This bill has been introduced by Rep. J.C. Watts, Jr (R-OK),
three other co-sponsors. We are hoping to have many other co-sponsors
on. This is where you come in. Congressman need to hear your support for
this bill in order to become interested, and to sign on. Read on for
details, a sample letter, and info on how to email your Congressman.

We need folks from all over the country to email their congressman. The
more co-sponsors, the better. The energy debate is getting hot in the
House, and now is the time to move it in a sustainable direction!

If you have any questions regarding this email, please email me at
global@sover.net, with the term HR 2322 in the Subject line.



Jeffery D. Wolfe, P.E.
Chair - Renewable Energy Vermont
802-299-0099 REV's Phone
802-765-4632 Jeff's Phone
802-765-9983 Jeff's Fax
global@sover.net - Jeff's email


I would appreciate your support of HR 2322, the "Home and Farm Wind
Act of 2001". This bill would provide a 30% federal tax credit for farm
residential wind mill systems for the next ten years. This would be a
opportunity for citizens to act to contribute to a solution to the
crisis, as well as a way for them to truly lower their monthly utility

I hope you will co-sponsor this legislation.


Last week Rep. J.C. Watts, Jr (R-OK) and three other Congressmen
HR 2322, the Home and Farm Wind Energy Systems Act of 2001. HR 2322
provide a 30% federal tax credit to individuals and businesses that
small wind energy systems (up to 75 kW) during the next ten years. The
credit would cover both on-grid and off-grid systems. The timing of HR
2322 is good because the U.S. House of Representatives will start
an energy bill within the next few weeks.

In order for HR 2322 to be enacted we think we will need to generate
hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and letters to Congress so that we can
build up an impressive list of Congressional co-sponsors. HR 876, the
extension bill for the Production Tax Credit for large wind turbines,
example, has over 140 co-sponsors (but, they had a four month head
start). A co-sponsor is a member of Congress that has agreed to have
or her name listed as a supporter of the bill.

So, I'm asking for your help and the help of anyone else you can
muster. Background information, the AWEA press release, a link to the
language, and a mostly painless procedure for determining your
Representative and sending him or her an e-mail message can be found
through the Bergey Windpower home page, http://www.bergey.com. Just
on the HR 2322 graphic at the top of the page. (OR, you can go to the
http://congress.org page, and click on the "Elected Officials page after
entering your zip code.)

There has not been a federal tax credit for small wind systems since
1985. I hope you will agree with me that its time the federal
got back in the game. Jamie Steve, AWEA's legislative Director,
that we only need 3 - 10 messages or calls to a Congressional office to
them to co-sponsor, so by all means please call a few of your
friends. After all, who wouldn't want a $5 a month electric bill.

You can make a difference. AWEA and the small wind turbine industry are
working hard as well. I think we have a real chance. Please help.

Thanks very much,
Mike Bergey
Chairman, AWEA Small Wind Turbine Committee

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