The Extropian Religious War

From: L B (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 08:25:23 MDT

Hi, all! I got this off the Extropy website and wonder
at this point what it all means to us. I realize that
I am pretty green on this list, and that we should not
all believe everything we read, but I think you
understand the source and nature my questioning.

1. Perpetual Progress Seeking more intelligence,
wisdom, and effectiveness, an indefinite lifespan, and
the removal of political, cultural, biological, and
psychological limits to self-actualization and
self-realization. Perpetually overcoming constraints
on our progress and possibilities. Expanding into the
universe and advancing without end.

2. Self-Transformation Affirming continual moral,
intellectual, and physical self-improvement, through
critical and creative thinking, personal
responsibility, and experimentation. Seeking
biological and neurological augmentation along with
emotional and psychological refinement.

3. Practical Optimism Fueling action with positive
expectations. Adopting a rational, action-based
optimism, in place of both blind faith and stagnant

4. Intelligent Technology Applying science and
technology creatively to transcend "natural" limits
imposed by our biological heritage, culture, and
environment. Seeing technology not as an end in itself
but as an effective means towards the improvement of

5. Open Society Supporting social orders that foster
freedom of speech, freedom of action, and
experimentation. Opposing authoritarian social control
and favoring the rule of law and decentralization of
power. Preferring bargaining over battling, and
exchange over compulsion. Openness to improvement
rather than a static utopia.

6. Self-Direction Seeking independent thinking,
individual freedom, personal responsibility,
self-direction, self-esteem, and respect for others.

7. Rational Thinking Favoring reason over blind
faith and questioning over dogma. Remaining open to
challenges to our beliefs and practices in pursuit of
perpetual improvement. Welcoming criticism of our
existing beliefs while being open to new ideas.


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