Re: D.A.R.E - an apology

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 02:33:20 MDT

I apologize for where I come off too strident. Truth is, I
understand perfectly well where people have major trouble with
and distrust of this s-word stuff much less r-word material.
I've certainly experience such trouble and distrust myself many
times and I suspect I will continue to.

At the same time, I don't find that just science/technology and
standard materialism is enough for me to live by and map my life
and what is important to me with. Whether I like it or trust it
or not I have a strong spiritual and even religious side to my
own nature and I can't simply argue it away or consign it to
oblivion. And I even more certainly can't do that to the world
at large.

It is difficult enough to find my own balance point. It makes
it more difficult when some assume that I am simply losing it or
being dishonest or haven't grasped materialism and science well
enough. So sometimes I react.

- samantha

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