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Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 00:28:44 MDT

> Back in the "real" world: does anybody seriously expect that the human race
> that instantly puts down any dog that dares to bite a human will ever
> tolerate any machine intelligence that even raises its voice to humans?
> There is no way that AIs will ever be allowed to become a threat to humans.
> They will supersede humanity quietly, in spite of their best efforts to
> help us. We need never worry about force. We are much more likely to be
> pampered to oblivion.
> Cheers,
> - Miriam

Yes, I seriously expect that the human race that spends billions of dollars to
create a machine intelligence capable of raising its voice to humans will whip
the snot out of any human impudent enough to provoke said machine to such
behavior. If you've ever been near a super computer, you know that it resides
in a world that revolves around its every need. The security forces
surrounding any machine with (even slightly) human-competitive AI concern
themselves with threats to the machine, not with threats to humans.

For example:
Britain's ultimate safe house
One company is so serious about data security it has bought an abandoned
nuclear bunker in southern England. Its aim is to store corporate data on
secure servers 300 feet underground. London - based A.L. Digital has purchased
a former military facility, which it said is as impervious to electronic
eavesdropping as it is to the electro-magnetic pulse of a nuclear attack. The
centre has been set up to cater for companies wanting to house their most
critical data in a safe environment.

You see, humans out rank animals, but mega-wealth outranks humans, and AI out
ranks everything. That's the real world, IMO.

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