commentary sought on Longevity Meme bylaws

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 23:49:32 MDT

I'm still fiddling with bylaws for the Longevity Meme. I've read more
Section 2s in the last month than I care to read again for a time
to ask for (non-legal) commentary. I'm a big fan of general statements over
specific statements, but the IRS looks at you funny if you don't get at
least a little way into specifics.

The relevant excerpt is below; the crude summary would be that the Longevity
Meme will be attempting to educate the masses and inspire a significant
fraction of them to want to extend their lives. This differs from the
admirable goals of existing organizations by the emphasis on media,
community building, and the level of cultural sophistication of the target
demographics. I think I need a better way of clearly defining that
demographic beyond "general public"...

But anyway, comments, suggestions, catcalls, additions please. The comments
of those on the list who have already done the whole 501(c)(3) thing
(multiple times in some cases) are especially welcome.


-----------bylaws excerpt----------

Section 2. Specific Objectives and Purposes

The purpose of this corporation shall be to assist in founding an age of
practical immortality. By this is meant the abolition of aging and all other
limitations of the human condition that prevent a human being from living
comfortably and capably for as long as he or she desires. This corporation
shall assist through publicizing, education, raising awareness and promoting
life extension to the general public.

The objectives of this corporation shall be:

a) Educating the general public of:

        a. Benefits and possibilities resulting from the ongoing and future
development and acceptance of life extension technologies;

        b. Ways in which ordinary individuals can make meaningful contributions to
the development and acceptance of life extension technologies;

        c. Existing life extension technologies, techniques and lifestyles.

b) Supporting the creation, publication, promotion and distribution of
educational and promotional material about life extension and related

c) Creating, assisting and supporting life-extension communities,
organizations and events that share objectives and purposes with this

d) Generating positive coverage of life-extension issues in all forms of
media, with a particular emphasis on the forms of media that reach the
greatest proportion of the general public;

e) Advocating the continuing and future development of life-extension


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