Cryogenics enters local Law Enforcement policy

From: Philip Chaston (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 12:41:55 MDT

Tossed from the fog where onlookers lurk...

"This is no joke" declared Mayor Keith Holliday after a city council
in Greensboro, North Carolina had ended in chaos. "I was just trying to
think outside the box. And if cryogenic freezing was good enough for
Disney, then it's certainly good enough for some bunch of murderers on

Mayor Holliday had proposed his radical solution during a council debate
about the problems of overcrowding in the city's penitentiary. "At
Death row inmates can appeal against execution for year after year,
wrongful conviction and judicial irregularities. That delay causes
overcrowding, and costs us millions in legal fees and prison fees,
before we
can finally execute them. So instead of wasting all that money, why
don't we
put them all on ice? We could cryogenically freeze them, then reverse
process if later evidence clears them of their crimes. If it doesn't
they just stay frozen. I watched a television talk show about it last
and we have the technology. All we need now is Jesus the Lord, fine corn
liquor, and the courage to think the unthinkable."

This was sourced in The Roanoke Times, dated the 7th October 2000, and
reprinted in Private Eye, a British periodical.

Philip Chaston

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