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Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 10:23:36 MDT

On Saturday, July 07, 2001 10:05 PM Russell Blackford
> This brings me to a question to Max, or anyone else who knows the answer.
> Damien may also have some clues. Is there much, or any, formal
> literature around that examines, defines and/or critiques transhumanism? I
> mean such things as articles in academic journals devoted to philosophy or
> jurisprudence. I have some familiarity with relevant web sites and
> considerable familiarity with popular books, fiction and non-fiction, that
> explore the ideas that comprise transhumanism - those are not what I mean.
> I'm not aware of what (if any) more academic work would have to be read
> cited if someone wanted to write about transhumanism in an academic
> philosophical context - in the sense that one must be familiar with and
> cite, say, Robert Nozick's work (and, say, G.A. Cohen's criticisms) if
> writing about libertarianism for an academic audience. Perhaps someone has
> an appropriate URL.

There are some philosophy links at

Michelle Kamhi and Louis Torres attack Barry Vacker's seemingly transhuman
views of art in their "The Critical Neglect of Ayn Rand's Theory of Art"
(_The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies_ 2(1)). (See

I've also critiqued pancritical rationalism at Even so, this is not, IMO,
central to Extropianism or transhumanism. (That and my critique is hardly


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