RE: howdy to Miriam -> transhumanist philosophy --> getting into the media in a smart way

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 01:02:55 MDT

> This brings me to a question to Max, or anyone else who knows the answer.
> Damien may also have some clues. Is there much, or any, formal
> philosophical
> literature around that examines, defines and/or critiques
> transhumanism? I
> mean such things as articles in academic journals devoted to
> philosophy or
> jurisprudence. I have some familiarity with relevant web sites and
> considerable familiarity with popular books, fiction and
> non-fiction, that
> explore the ideas that comprise transhumanism - those are not
> what I mean.
> I'm not aware of what (if any) more academic work would have to
> be read and
> cited if someone wanted to write about transhumanism in an academic
> philosophical context - in the sense that one must be familiar with and
> cite, say, Robert Nozick's work (and, say, G.A. Cohen's criticisms) if
> writing about libertarianism for an academic audience. Perhaps
> someone has
> an appropriate URL.
> Knowing the answer to this might help me and some others on the list with
> future projects.

If no such thing exists -- and even if it does -- this sounds like a very
useful awareness raising project for someone with the connections to get
material into journal. The more of this that can be done, the better...

...and that goes across the spectrum. I think that there's something to be
said for forming an extropian media committee, pooling resources, and
setting targets for rates of getting appropriately aimed articles into the
media. Nothing quite like friendly competition and setting of deadlines to
get things done faster.

Of course, I'm biased on this front, given my aims ;) But really, guys and
girls, I don't think we don't have so much time that we can sit around and
let pro-tech, life extension and transhumanist movements grow at their own
rate. Hell, I've wasted five years in getting to my current philosophical
state since realizing that I *really* didn't want to die. Not good. That's
five years worth of motivated people giving up on greenpeace and starting to
learn pseudoeconomics and burning biotech experiments instead.


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