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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 22:01:21 MDT

Russell Blackford sez:

>>Miriam, m-a-a-a-a-te! I enjoyed your contribution to the AFTERSHOCK forum
>>the other nite.

Miriam sez back:

>All these years I have thought all these things
>and had met hardly another person who felt similarly... then suddenly I
>find out that there is a name for it: "extropian"! and that these creatures
>come here to exchange thoughts in this far corner of the net.

Ah yes, a well-known symptom. What fun! :)

I see that you say, at ,
under the heading `Why Virtual Reality':

< Why on earth should women be interested in Virtual Reality? The very name
conjures up images of boys sitting in dimly lit rooms with bizarre headgear
and gloves on. But I believe the technology will actually be appropriated
largely by women in the near future. >

This neatly answers the woman journalist on this week's ep of AFTERSHOCK
who told Emlyn and the other males that VR and uploading was the pitiful
flesh-denying dream of those awful meat-body-hating nerd boyzzz. As Barbara
Lamar instantly commented while watching the show, women have not been
noticeably averse to watching movies or using the telephone. Indeed, and
it's hard to see why women should reject an immersive extension of such
mediated experiences, one that enhances and enriches both the sensory
bandwidth and the imaginative possibilities. Um, that last sentence sounds
rather stuffy and abstract--guess I'm just one of those damned boyzzz after
all... :)

Anyway, welcome to the list, Miriam!

Damien Broderick
[another Aussie]

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