RE: Resentment

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 21:15:22 MDT

> > Spike Jones said
> >
> > How many of us would ever have bothered
> > >to learn programming if not to advance our careers? How many of
> > >those who would have programmed anyway would have gotten as
> > >good at it as we are had not it advanced our careers? Think of
> > >poverty as a drill sergeant: in your face for sure, but he ultimately
> > >benefits you by teaching you to get with the program.

The entire hacker community developed from a desire to grow, learn, explore
and thrive in the world of cyberspace. This was more of a life choice and a
hobby, and was usually not connected to career options.

To be honest, it had not previously occurred to me that someone could get
into computers for the money and not for an innate love for technology. The
concept of a theoretical person who doesn't like to program but just does it
for the money is alien to me. I hear most programmers complaining about
their jobs because they don't get to do enough programming or interesting

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