Re: Fw: Today's Headlines from Wednesday, July 4, 2001

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 14:20:58 MDT

Steve Davies wrote:
> >An important issue in the whole "Transparent Society" debate
> >hinges around how people in truth actually feel. My guess is
> >that you are wrong here; I know I wouldn't have been at all
> >bothered to know that the detective had been frequenting the
> >same beach that I did. I'm eager to know if others agree with
> >Steve here or with me.
> >
> >Lee
> I'd be interested to find out too. I suspect that in society in general
> there would be quite a sharp divide between those who weren't bothered and
> the (minority?) who were and took steps to preserve their privacy. They
> would probably be regarded as an anti-social cult, called "the Privates" or
> some such term. Steve Davies

I'm not surprised by this though. They would not be considered a cult
only because they are so numerous. They are called introverts. While I
understand that some extroverts can't understand the idea of privacy as
a goal, an equal number of introverts can't understand the exstacy of
splattering one's life all over the public's view, and generally find
people who do to be rather obnoxious and repellent creatures, no matter
what their physical beauty.

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