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If everybody were good and above-board, I don't think anybody would
about a transparent society. In a world free from secrets, crime and
corruption, honesty and transparency would be great. However, we do not
live in that world.

People who hold government clearances may not want foreign governments
monitoring them.

People who go to gay bars may not want their identities reported to
prejudiced people with baseball bats.

People who are carrying money may not want that fact broadcasted to
walking on the street.

People who question authority may not want the authorities notified.

People who go to abortion clinics may not want their identities sent to
their church.

People who have sexually transmitted diseases or mental diseases may not
want their conditions revealed.

People who have sex or go to the bathroom may not want other people
them during the act.

Performers, artists, writers and engineers may not want their work
until they are finished creating, testing and editing it.

Until we abolish wars, prejudice, crime, opposing religious and
factions, and embarrassment, we will always have secrecy and a desire

On a logical level, Lee makes and excellent case that hiding from the
is not the answer. Gays shouldn't have to hide from gay-bashers. Rich
people should feel safe to walk the streets without being assaulted.
Governments should be prevented from interfering with their citizens'
National security should come from a position of strength and defense
than security by obscurity.

However, I'm not sure that we will ever reach that level. Mike feels
because he has a gun. I feel safe because my computers have firewalls,
encryption and anti-virus. Eliezer feels safe because AIs are
programmed to
be friendly. Will we ever be so safe that we drop our guards? Or will
always need to keep our safety protocols in place to maintain the safety
that we desire? I am betting on the latter.

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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