Re: Resentment

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 00:18:00 MDT

L B wrote:

> I was not in favor of the war the rioters purported to
> protest, but I doubt some of them protested it for any
> other reason than to get attention. I believe the
> people who did the best jobs at protesting ACTED
> peacefully and set an example. The rioters, by using
> Vietnam as an excuse, broke things and hurled missiles
> in compliance only with the ordinances of violent
> hypocracy.

I was young for most of it but it did something to you to see
napalmed bodies and stacks of body bags on TV what seemed like
almost every night of your teenage years. By the time I was 17
I was marching and hanging with Quaker activists. We certainly
weren't there to get attention except from enough people to get
people and politicians to look and to reconsider what sickened
us and so many. A lot of friends and relatives died in those
times or got pretty mangled physically or psychologically or
both. Some of them even went to Vietnam.

- samantha

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