breaking economic/political dependencies on gov't and social structures...

From: Grigg John (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 23:49:48 MDT

L.B. wrote:
This is all well and good, but tell me where survival
comes from? Apparently we will no longer need money,
if we no longer work. If we do, though, how do we get
it--welfare-like distributions? And for that matter,
if we don't have it, do we turn all houses into small
personal farms or other production facilities?

I have a very simplistic way of viewing this because I
have not thought it out well yet, so please forgive me
that. But the ultimate result it seems is this: either
way, distributed money or personal production, it
appears to be a wonderful way for whatever necessary
distribution centers to gain control over us or for
failing personal farms (or communes) to be at the
mercy of a larger body.

Even with A.I. and mature nanotech in various forms being a part of the economy, I do not see humanity going on permanent retirement! lol Certainly, many humans will "inload" to augment their native intelligence. And besides whatever is already inside their skull, there will be computers and A.I. they can link to when they need to magnify their abilities.

So, I see at least the ambitious and gifted engaged in various careers to speed society and technology along. A major question will be whether millions or even billions will go on the dole since they may lack the ambition or native intelligence needed to get started on the upward road. Being on public welfare in the late 21st century may afford a lifestyle an upperclass person of today would in many ways envy.

But, as you indicated the dole(even one affording a very nice lifestyle) could be a means of controlling the masses while governments and corporations carry out their own private agendas. People would be held back from the potentials they might realize otherwise.

The most impressive and self-esteem raising method of liberating people from large controlling institutions and "drudge work" would be to let them "homestead" using mature nanotech in a way any pioneer of the past could only drool at. I think in many ways THIS IS the libertarian, nay I say beyond that, Extropian ideal!

I love the idea of being such a nanotech pioneer(with friendly A.I. to mentor me) and either on earth or in space being totally self-sufficient. And in such a state I would then choose to join a group where I could work toward greater common goals in ways to enhance all of us.

But will governments allow their common citizens the right to own private use assemblers so they have the option of embarking on such ventures? That is the trillion dollar question!!

In the name of national security and maintaining the economic status quo they may crack down on such a possibility. They may fill the minds of citizens with terrifying scenarios to get their support to keep the technology only among the corporations and governments.

L.B. wrote:
I would love to eliminate the concept of work. No
wonder I "play the violin" for a living and yet get
criticized for not being practical. If I were commonly
said to "work the violin" people might have a
different viewpoint.

It shows the sad state of many people that you get criticized for being a "impractical" musician! What you do for a living is hard work though I bet most musicians love what they do. Maybe, that is why people make cutting remarks...

best wishes,


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