Re: Any cyborgs out there?

Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 14:43:32 MDT

Mike Lorrey, <>, writes:
> While some may take peruile pleasure at seeing themselves as such,
> especially if they are of a socialist or pro-borg bent, some of us do
> not.

Being a socialist has nothing to do with whether you consider yourself
a cyborg. You seem to have gotten confused by the Star Trek name "Borg"
and think that cyborgs are collective entities. Instead, cyborgs
are cybernetic organisms, that is, organisms which have cybernetic
enhancements or implants. It has nothing to do with socialism.
Cyborgs could be of any political party whatsoever.

Obviously today the opportunities for cybernetic enhancement are limited.
I took the thrust of Helen's question to be a matter of self-definition.
Some people may think of themselves as cyborgs, or proto-cyborgs, in
that they choose to take advantage of whatever cybernetic opportunities
are available. To the maximum degree possible, they simulate the effect
of having cybernetic implants. Perhaps they carry a wireless Internet
access device and/or wear a heads-up display.

Some of these people may define themselves as cyborgs in order to direct
and focus their thoughts towards future enhancements. To some extent,
you are what you define yourself to be, what you choose to be. It is
these people that Helen is hoping to contact.


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