Re: capitalist = perverted

From: L B (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 10:16:40 MDT

> them with solar panels for those laptops would only
> help with another
> 4%. As you can see, the key to savings in computers
> is moving to lower
> internal operating voltages.

I used to work for the National Renewable Energy Lab.
The last thing I remember is the Photovoltaics
department being elated that their solar panel
research had elicited a new and improved
17-point-something percent efficiency. I was
underwhelmed. These are some of the most quoted
physicists in the world, and this was the result (I am
sure a lot of the the baby steps were due to
DOE/government meddling anyway).

Does anyone have any current numbers on this? I
haven't talked to anyone there for years. Thanks.


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