frozen xenonauts

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 00:48:51 MDT

> "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> Wrong. The rumors were about Xenon Hexafluoride. I was also wrong in that this is...

No, that works fine Mike. I calculate the density of xenon
hexaflouride would be, lets see, 131 + 6*19 = 245, so if XeF6
is inert to tissues then we could pull the same gag with about
100 atmospheres instead of 190. Perhaps it would
also not have the anaesthetic effect of pure xenon?

Wait, actually, I think I have a better idea anyway.
The trick would be to use the high pressure xenon bath
as a way to freeze corpses under pressure, so that the freezing
point is lowered way down. That way perhaps the expansion
effect upon crystalization would be more manageable. Also
the high pressure xenon would perhaps be a good way to
transmit heat effectively, allowing a fast cooling.

Alternately, if the patient was terminally sick but still alive,
the xenon bath would perhaps give them a less painful way
to get cold before they perished, on the way to liquid nitrogen
temps. The xenon would act as a painkiller, no? Wouldnt
that make the notion of cryonics sell better, if the cryonauts
went down with a smile on their faces? Seems like we
could arrange a mechanical device to... oh, wait, I just
remembered, we cant do that in there, cant breath fast enough.

Any businessey types wanna go in with me on a patent? Or shall
we toss the ideas out into the public domain? Or did I just do
that? How does that work? If I patent an idea that I want
researchers to use freely, can I patent it and donate it to the
whole world? Would that stop some luddite yahoo from
patenting the idea to prevent us proles from using it? spike

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