Re: capitalist = perverted

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 20:37:06 MDT

> > > "J. R. Molloy" wrote: Because of Gray Davis' complicity in this matter, I
> > > propose that Taxifornians rename rolling blackouts "rolling grayouts."
> >
> >Spike Jones wrote: The grayout idea is one that actually makes a modicum of
> sense.
> > They plan to lower the line voltage everywhere by about 10%.
> Mike Lorrey wrote: Not only that, but incandescent bulbs produce about half
> their normal
> illumination that low (and if they are 130 volt long life bulbs, they
> will be even less bright), while still using 91% of the energy, which
> will prompt people to have more lights running at the same time to keep
> up the same illumination, thus wasting 40% more energy. Not so smart.

No, this will be one where everyone wins. The power company gets to
sell more power, thus make more money, and in the long run, the prole
notices her power bill rise and it incentivizes her to replace her incandescent
bulbs with low power flourescent. Capitalism at its best. {8-] spike

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