Science Article: A Nuclear Solution to Climate Change?

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Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 14:45:37 MDT


I saw an article by accident today that might be useful to
those of you who participated in the topics regarding energy.

"A Nuclear Solution to Climate Change?"
by William Sailor, David Bodansky, Chaim Braun, Steve Fetter, Bob van der Zwaan

in Science, v. 288, 19 May 2000 (this issue has Jupiter's moon: Io on the
section; Policy Forum: Nuclear Power, Pg 1177-1178

In the middle of the page is a table: "Scenario for Energy Consumption in
with Comparisons to 1997"

The first paragraph reads:

"The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change calls for the
stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that would
prevent dangerous
changes in climate. An ambitious target would be stabilization at an
equivalent doubling of the preindustrial CO2 concentration. To achieve
this, fossil-fuel carbon emission in 2050 should not exceed their current
level, despite an
expected doubling or tripling in world demand for energy."

The concluding paragraph reads:

"Nuclear power can play a significant role in mitigating climate change.
There are no insurmountable technical barriers to nuclear expansion, but
the expansion must be performed under very high safety standards.
capital cost reductions from advanced designs and production methods will be
required. It is therefore important to maintain and intensify current programs
of research and development on power reactors, waste disposal, and nuclear
safeguards to assure that safe nuclear power is available when needed"

Two page article, 13 references. Might provide some needed facts for
future discussions.


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