RE: capitalist = perverted

From: Amara D. Angelica (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 12:39:50 MDT

> > They plan to lower the line voltage everywhere by about 10%.
> > I think the computers will still work fine on 100 volts.
> > Ive heard arguments that in some cases a heavily burdened
> > electric motor may bog down and overheat at 100 volts.

That is correct. Reducing voltage may damage motors, including fans in
computers. I'm not familiar with this proposal; I'd be interested in a
source. Bill Wattenberg's proposed scheme, as he explained it on KGO, is to
install remote-controlled devices in selected locations (at transformers,
presumably). These would be triggered prior to a potential blackout. They
would disconnect one side of the 220 volt lines that go into homes and
businesses, so high-wattage devices such as washing machines that use the
full 220 volts would be temporarily taken off line, along with one half of
the 110 volt wiring at each location.

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