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From: L B (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 09:48:00 MDT

> Not only that, but incandescent bulbs produce about
> half their normal
> illumination that low (and if they are 130 volt long
> life bulbs, they
> will be even less bright), while still using 91% of
> the energy, which
> will prompt people to have more lights running at
> the same time to keep
> up the same illumination, thus wasting 40% more
> energy. Not so smart.

My advice: start taking more vitamin A....

When I was 10, driven by a desire to shut my Mom up on
the subject of wasted energy (she was the ultimate
conservationist), I designed a small lamp that used
low-output bulbs. I simply placed mirrors at angles
around the bulb instead of a lampshade. They reflected
and enhanced whatever output the poor little bulb
could muster. Mom, also a lover of art, loved my
design and its function.

Just didn't hold up too well--anything held together
with bread ties and electrical tape is likely to be a
bit unstable for long term use. :)

My point it, though, why not reinvent the lightbulb?

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