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Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 05:53:16 MDT

"J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> In the first case study, an education professor describes her use of the
> Web to showcase creative student ideas and archive them for general use by
> the wider academic community. Susan Tancock, who teaches a course on
> literary methods for preservice teachers, always encouraged her students
> to develop and share best practices in literacy education. Until recently,
> she recorded these practices in a single, limited location: a traditional
> notebook accessible only during class and computer lab hours. As she
> designed her first course Web site, Tancock realized the potential for an
> electronic repository that would give preservice and practicing teachers
> alike immediate, 24-hour access to a wealth of education resources. Read
> on to find out how she transformed that standard notebook into an online
> database and how her students augment it each semester--not only though
> the generation of ideas but also through hands-on construction of their
> own Web pages.

"Look, Bog, Gorp discover this hot burning stuff that come from sky and
light up bush. Maybe we can burn stuff with it?"
"Gorp, you idiot, that's fire, we've been using it for a thousand years
already to cook food. How do you think we make the buffalo back ribs
like you like them?"

> In the third case study, Darrell Butler describes how he uses computer
> technology when he teaches large lecture classes. Butler has formulated an
> innovative strategy: he assigns students personal learning projects,
> providing a means to employ student-centered pedagogies in an
> instructor-centered course. As a result, computer technology can help
> students with many aspects of the projects and it reduces Butler's
> workload. See

Duh..... is this 1991 or 2001?

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