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Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 15:14:28 MDT

--- Spike Jones <> wrote:
> > --- Spike Jones wrote: Along with the reviled
> ROTCs, the
> > > engineering students were treated with distrust,
> for many
> > > of them had short hair and tended to lean to the
> right.
> >
> > L B wrote: ...Generally, it
> > seemed that anything that had to do with the
> > "establishment", including intellectualism, was
> > anti-freedom and elitist as well as pro-war. So if
> one
> > would oppose the war and be "in" with the
> protesters,
> > one had better not be among the intellectuals.
> ...Merriss
> Welcome to the list, Merriss. {8-]
> I had a professor who was at Berkeley from 68 to 72.
> One could always tell the engineering students, he
> said,
> for they were the ones watching the riots from the
> fourth
> floor of the library and cheering for the police.
> {8^D spike

Thanks for the welcome, Spike! I believe your
professor. The music students were there, too, I bet,
trying to drown it all out with Beethoven's 9th
Symphony, last movement.

I was not in favor of the war the rioters purported to
protest, but I doubt some of them protested it for any
other reason than to get attention. I believe the
people who did the best jobs at protesting ACTED
peacefully and set an example. The rioters, by using
Vietnam as an excuse, broke things and hurled missiles
in compliance only with the ordinances of violent
hypocracy. Yet I recall a few of my former
acquaintances taking credit for implementing the final
push by citizens that they claim got the war ended.


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