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Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 10:32:08 MDT

> The fact that so many journos and other writers find
> any view other than the
> above almost inconceivable suggests that it is
> probably common in the wider
> community.

Could it be that, because these authors and writers
speak in this manner (which seems to coincide with
most religious, nationalistic, and some pop-sci
and that public opinion is so easily swayed by this
sort of backhanded advertising, that the source is in
the publishing industry? If the newspaper is very
right-wing, like the Denver Post used to be (and
probably still is, I don't read the paper anymore),
whatever controlling entities would likely not allow
antiaging articles unless they were againt it.

For the record, I took a journalism class once when I
thought it was a wholesome and truthful vehicle. I
dropped it within a week because the teacher published
some articles on "local ghosts" that were all
invented. He admitted it to the class and said we
would all become entertainers, not reporters of the
truth. It would be our jobs, he said, to entertain.
The truth was nonexistent to him.
> I think a lot of work needs to be done, getting out
> the viewpoint that
> radical life extension would be a good thing - the
> same sort of work as many
> of us are putting into defending stem cell research,
> therapeutic cloning
> etc.

And several people have pointed out what we have to
fight--entrenched religions (domineering, patriarchal
and violent), entrenched pop-sci stuff that says we
are wasting money and should put it toward researching
new ways to keep our suburban grass from growing so
fast so we don't have to cut it as often, and mass
media that has enough power to determine our next

I would fight it all if I knew how. If we can figure
it out, you've got my pledge to help.
> I don't know whether this list can really coordinate
> such work. I doubt it.

But "the list" is not all there is--there are others
who have not gotten into a good search engine and
looked for "antiaging research" or "Procaine
Hydrochloride" or whatever. It's how I found you all.

There are others who want to live, I know it, and want
to step beyond the supposed everlasting life of a god
that appears to love gold and money more than he loves
us. Maybe these peole have given up, I don't know.
> If a strong
> and seemingly reasonable message is getting out in
> numerous local forums,
> and in wider forums whenever one of us has the clout
> to be heard there, this
> must have a gradual effect in countering the
> anti-life-extension.

These things are true. But, are there local chapters
of Extropians? Are there other orgnizations like it?
If so, do they compete too much (a house divided and
all that)? Do you have a printed newsletter (my
graphic arts background is clamoring to be heard)? Do
we have anyone pestering drug companies and the
government besides Pearson and Shaw? I truly don't
know, and am not asking just to make a point or two.


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