Re: >H ENVIR:Is the planet really dying?

From: Felix Ungman (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 07:02:49 MDT

>Anne Marie Tobias wrote:
>> Any basic for an economic system must include the inherent cost of
>> the short and long term effects of that economy. Those effects must
>> include resouce utilization, sustainability, ecological and environmental
>> cost, and the cost benefit of that economic venture to the culture in
>> which it operates. An equitable system must be established that does
>> not allow one person to benefit at the harm or death of thousands or
>> millions of others. Our current system lives inside completely fallicious
>> concepts. Resources are not endless (at least as long as we live on this
>> planet, and even shortly after we leave the planet, resoures may indeed
>> become limiting factor for growth.) The world cannot endure unlimited
>> damage, or pollution. The world cannot sustain unlimited human
>> populations. Yet, the basis of our economics assume these
>very things.

Mike Lorrey <> answered:
>No, it is not, nor are resources limited. Yes there is a fixed quantity
>on earth, which we have barely scratched the surface of. However, there
>is far more to resource utilization than sheer mass. Efficiency is one

Yes, and another one is innovation. An economic system must allow for entrepreneurs whose jobs are to *create* resources. (Remember, oil was once just a sticky nuisance.) In this sence resources truly are unlimited. But the stasists' economic systems don't aknowledge it. The entrepreneur is a big threat to them.


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