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Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 06:12:58 MDT wrote:
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> << I don't get it. I thought that Pluto's existence, like Neptune's,
> had been deduced by pertubative effects on the other planets. But
> if so, then why with our much greater precision of measurement,
> and our immensely greater calculation resources, haven't all
> bodies "of Pluto's size" and approximate distance been located
> before this?
> Lee Corbin>>
> If the Kuiper Belt objects are in a trans-neptunian orbit, the rest of these
> iceballs are in an eliptical orbit as well and less likely to affect and
> disturbance on other planets, except perhaps sending something big and ugly
> Earth's 250 million years ago, to initiate the age of the Dinosaurs.

Note also that Pluto is still the largest trans-neptunian object, at a
couple thousand miles diameter, and crosses Neptune's orbit, while most
of the other objects remain outside its orbit. There are a few objects a
couple hundred miles across that are in similar resonant orbits, but
most remain outside, and are not influenced much at all (and don't
influence Neptune) due to the distance...

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