ROBOT: Transcending Borders

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 00:55:03 MDT

What Should be Computed to Understand and Model Brain Function?
>From Robotics, Soft Computing, Biology and Neuroscience to Cognitive
by Tadashi Kitamura (Editor)
Hardcover - 324 pages (February 22, 2001)
World Scientific Pub Co; ISBN: 9810245181


This volume is a guide to two types of transcendence of academic borders which
seem necessary for understanding and modelling brain function. The first type
is a technical transcendence needed to make intelligent machines such as a
humanoid robot, an animal-like behaviour architecture, an interpreter of
fiction, and an evolving learning machine. This technical erosion is conducted
into areas such as biology, ethology, neuroscience and psychology, as well as
robotics and soft computing. The second type of transcendence of
cross-disciplinary boundaries cuts across scientific areas such as biology and
cognitive science/philosophy, into comprehensive, less technical and more
abstract aspects of brain function. These aspects enable us to know in what
direction and how far an intelligent machine will go.

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