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<< Brian's preceding comments re Israel's behavior toward the 'Palestinians'
 strike me as the sort of baiting that triggers our gun flamewars. There
 is some truth in what he said, but it's a misleading 5% of the total
 story. I won't get into detailed rebuttal though unless other people
 want to discuss it.
 -- David Lubkin. >>
My experiences indicate something different from either David's or Brian's
viewpoint. The enemy of my enemy IS my friend. My assessment is that many
Palestinians and other Islamists, in particular, are quite keen on Hitler,
and appear rather taken with his policies. That's the way it seems in
chatrooms, at any rate.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (for his own nationalist reasons) was a trainee'
in the Abwehr, and also helped set up the Hanjar Division (Waffen SS) in the
Balkans, which was comprised of Muslim soldiers recruited to keep Yugoslavia
in Axis hand. The Nazis had recruited similar domestic units for the SS all
over conquered Europe. But the religious leader, the Grand Mufti was the
putative leader of this group. More damning was the Grand Mufti's son was a
diplomat to the national Socialist government, for Near Eastern affairs, and
was given at tour of Aushwitz-Birkenau in 1943. President Arafat is one of
the many nephews of the late Grand Mufti, who resided in newly independent
Iraq, until the British withdrawal of forces in the Mideast.

My reason to provide this data is neither to motivate nor to moderate, but to
help get a perspective on how passions run so deep and have they have a long
history, and did not start with CNN or Newsweek's misdescription of the world
(<-insert pointed comment here) ;-D

I agree with Mr. Lubkin's notion that such a discussion may just bog the list
down, while threads that are more, optimistic, can get sidetracked. For
myself, watching certain news reports coverage (CNN in particular) has moved
me considerably farther right then I would have believed several years ago,
even given my pragmatism.

Hopefully we can set asside our differences long enough to focus on trends
relating to future technologies.

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