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Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 19:34:33 MDT

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>However, I am a violin teacher wondering what to do
>for my next career. I spent 20 years in graphic design
>and communications, returned to school for a music
>degree, now teach some very gifted minds in a private
>studio (the greatest challenge in this being
>convincing them all that they can and should be better
>than I), and find myself thinking that ten years from
>now I should be doing something else, for I will have
>contributed great amounts already to the muse and will
>likely have very little to offer once the freshness of
>my offering is long stale

Sounds like you're already on top of the career changing
business. If you're financially comfortable (it sounds like you
 might be) then what matters is what you're good at and
what you like. With ten years you would have plenty of
time to look around. Ideas fly around on this list although
they do tend to the technical side. It would be wonderful
to have more people here interested in great things like
communication and art, and interested as creators rather
than consumers.

P.S. Don't sell yourself short.

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