RE: Another No-spoiler review of A.I.

From: Reason (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 15:19:56 MDT

[various religious and social commentary snipped]

>The problem for transhumanists is how to debunk _all_ religions equally.

Why is this a goal for transhumanists?

Picking your battles is a good thing; the need for religion or religion
substitutes (such as extropianism :) is so hardwired into the human mind and
social constructs that I would venture to say that changing the human
condition is the easiest way to make a dent in religion. Being Canute is
just not productive.

I see no reasons as to why religions and transhumanism can't live side by
side. Religion managed to digest the Copernican revolution (no pun intended)
given a little time. Fundamentalists will always be fundamentalists and
opposed to every little thing, but there just aren't very many of them,
despite their vocal nature.

Some of the most interesting aspects of postulated posthuman technological
development are the ways in which the world will become exactly like our
ancestors thought it was. There will be a spirit world, zombies, loa,
spirits of all shapes and sizes, gods, Gods, magic of influence and
transformation. It'll be an interesting race to see whether humanity creates
the new world in the image of its myths, or if the process remakes humanity
before this can happen.


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