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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 11:43:50 MDT

>From: Mike Lorrey <>

>What sort of scale efficiencies could be expected? If we follow
>the scale for cell phones, and compare that to current broadband
>costs, I'd expect to see such components sold for free with 1000
>free minutes of airtime for a year contract by the time it gets to
>a 6.2 billion person market size.

It would be a huge major investment.

As I already indicated the big problem would be that nobody would
be interested in wiring the vast part of the world. (no profit
Ferengi) One of the problems of the competitive model. Then you
have the problem of everybody picking conflicting standards, case
in point, your European GSM phone is useless in most of the U.S.
(Chicago has a new limited GSM capability) and vice versa.

Most of the existing networks would have to be replaced, add in the
Brazil effect (getting your installed tech/investment rendered
obsolete by a new developement) and you start to get a sense of the


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