Re: Beyond Neptune

Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 10:36:25 MDT

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<< I don't get it. I thought that Pluto's existence, like Neptune's,
 had been deduced by pertubative effects on the other planets. But
 if so, then why with our much greater precision of measurement,
 and our immensely greater calculation resources, haven't all
 bodies "of Pluto's size" and approximate distance been located
 before this?
 Lee Corbin>>
If the Kuiper Belt objects are in a trans-neptunian orbit, the rest of these
iceballs are in an eliptical orbit as well and less likely to affect and
disturbance on other planets, except perhaps sending something big and ugly
Earth's 250 million years ago, to initiate the age of the Dinosaurs.


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