Re: Rael himself on the Art Bell show...

Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 10:15:03 MDT

John Grigg writes:
> This Rael has over 55,000 members who are expected to give 3% of their
> yearly income to him! The power of an organization in religious trappings
> must be incredibly strong. I wish the Extropy Institute had half the
> members and money this man does...

It's hard to believe that a nutty group like this could have so
many members. Of course we don't have any proof that they are 55,000.
Rael could have just made that number up. Maybe he's only got a couple
hundred. That would make mores sense. describes
problems Rael and the other cloning group are having with the U.S.
Despite the lack of U.S. laws about human cloning the FDA is giving them
a hard time and doing everything it can to stop them. "There's a timeout
in force," says an FDA official, emphasis apparently on the "force".


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