Was: on AI (Kurzweil and Vita-More)

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Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 04:56:03 MDT

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<< all the matter entering a
 black hole coughing up it's data since the beginning of the universe... it
 would not take many black holes, before you had a pretty good look at
 the lives and histories of countless stars, civilizations, and beings, and
 Mitch, the datasystem needed to read, deconstruct, and then reassemble
 that kind of information would be a in all descriptions godlike.
 Marie >>

I wonder if a Hans Moravec or one of the many savants', on this list would
have an estimation on what kind of crunching/methodology, power this would
involve? Merely guessing from what I have read from Bradbury, Yudkowsky,
Hanson, Broderick, More (sounds like a Law firm) and many others, have
suggested, through their writings, something on the level of Monopolium
(magnetic monopoles) to accomplish this feat. On the other hand, Moravec's
neutronium computer-minds would have both the gravitic mass, and the brain
power to "un-zip" a medium-sized Black hole. I really appreciate your ideas,
Marie, and inspiring too. Perhaps a technology that manipulates gravity
through electromagnetism is (in the remote future) viable?


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