article in the sf chron

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 21:52:35 MDT

The SF Chronicle really surprised me today. After months of article after
article telling of how those evil rotten Texas robber barons had raped
poor taxifornia and stolen our money, they ran an article today saying
the only equipment taxifornians need to find the real villains would be
a mirror. Yes, they actually admitted that the power crisis really was
our own fault. Remarkable. Just when I had nearly given up on this
medium. I hope it drives home the point that *bad decisions have bad
consequences*. If I were an Enron stockholder and the CEO had failed
to cash in on taxifornia's stupid rules that it made itself, I would vote to
throw the bum out and get someone who knows how to make money
when there is money to be made.

Let us consider it a 9 billion dollar tuition bill. spike

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