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Reason wrote:

> -->>Amara D. Angelica
> > 3. Chris says he wants to train a neural network with these "mindpixels",
> > with the hope that this will result in the emergence of
> > a mind just like the average person's. I don't believe this approach will
> > work because single sentence nuggets of knowledge reveal only a limited
> > window into the structure of the mind.
> AI in all of its varying misnomered modern components interest me in passing
> (although I'm far more interested in specific forms of human simulation than
> anything else).
> Having seen the group grind up a couple of methodologies for reaching true
> AI in the last couple of days, could someone point me to a recap of what the
> varying facets of the list conclude are viable ways of constructing an AI?
> It's evidently a topic that's been discussed ad nauseum before my time...:)
> Reason

I saw a new site I had not seen the other day,,
ithad some interesting stuff, I browsed to it from news:sci.cognitive.

I think the AIs will be many things. To some extent, they already are many
things, only nascent, for example, the fuzzy logic in the thermostat.

The AIs' psychology and psychologies will be a rich new realm.


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