Re: If all the ice melted...

Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 16:43:26 MDT

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> I have not looked at the depression in the
>central Sahara that Robert is speaking of, so I don't know its volume
>below sea level.

It's big, but the Caspian is still much bigger.

>Ah, depends not just on the equipment for the cars, but infrastructure
>changes too. Going to a hydrogen fuel economy would cost a minimum of $5

The question of whether you're financially better off flooding the Caspian
or converting to a non-fossil-fuel economy is an empirical question. $5
sounds reasonable to me - on very weak information - for the cost of the
What are the refs on the conversion cost? And how does it change if you do
it incrementally ( ie new equipment is hydrogen economy; old equipment is
retained for its economic lifespan).

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