From: Amara D. Angelica (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 14:58:20 MDT

Some additional comments from an AI expert. Perhaps Chris can respond:

1. What is the value of a database of unprocessed english statements?

2. He's saying that something is artificially conscious if it passes this
special form of the Turing Test where you ask the system to agree or
disagree with a list of assertions. This is a much weaker form of the Turing
Test than what Turing had in mind, where you were allowed to have an
extended conversation about some matter.

I would not be surprised if the web itself passed this test. You could ask
the guys at Google to give it a try, since they have a copy of the whole web
on their servers!

3. Chris says he wants to train a neural network with these "mindpixels",
with the hope that this will result in the emergence of
a mind just like the average person's. I don't believe this approach will
work because single sentence nuggets of knowledge reveal only a limited
window into the structure of the mind.

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