My presents

From: David Lubkin (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 06:53:39 MDT

This was a very fine June, in many ways. Certainly the best Father's
Day and birthday presents I can remember.

For Father's Day, I got to go to Extro 5. 'Nuff said!

A few days after I returned, it was my birthday. My teenage daughter
had quite a surprise for me. For years, she had bemoaned the fact that
she had only modest funds available for a present, and was hard-pressed
to come up with a gift I'd appreciate that I wouldn't have already
just gotten for myself.

This year she realized that she didn't have to rely solely on her own
resources. She secretly orchestrated a conspiracy among my friends and
family for a collective gift she was sure I'd like, and then presented
it to me with flair: a trip to Space Camp.

Not a bad week....

So now I have to plan the details. Has anyone been, and has advice on
how to make the most of it? What else should I do while I am in that
corner of the country, besides try to wangle a press or VIP pass to
a shuttle launch? And any of you to visit?

-- David.

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